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Fuel Oil

CST 180, 280, 380 RMG 2010, IFO 380, IFO 180 , LS 380 , LS 180 , MDO, MGO, LSMGO, ULSMGO

We have strong links to FO suppliers in the UAE and Gulf and provide various blends as per specifications needed. 

Please contact us for any Oil requirements and we will be happy to give your our best most competitive quotation


  • SOGT offers a wide variety of Packaging solutions to its customers;

    ISO Tanks 25,000 litres6600 gallons

    HDPE Drums 250 litresonly available per 20ft container

    HDPE Drums 210 litresonly available per 20ft container

    Steel (coated) Drums 200 – 237.5 Litresonly available per 20ft container


    Please note our MOQ is 1X20' ISO tank or 1X20' FCl

  • We have in-house maritime wing, with owned ISO Tank Containers and DV20' and 40' units, and offer a complete one-stop
    maritime solution all under one roof.

    The above gives us the competitive edge which means we are able to offer favourable payment terms along with competitive prices.

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