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Fusel oil consists predominately of a mixture of C3, C4 and C5 chain length aliphatic alcohols. The proportions of the following will vary with source: 2-methylbutan-1-ol, isoamyl alcohol, isobutyl alcohol and n-propyl alcohol, in an ethanol medium.


Potential ApplicationsWine, whiskey, cognac and brandy flavors in general; bread and bread crust additives; in low concentrations for beer, apple ciders and banana, kiwi, raisin and apple ripe fruit nuance
Natural OccurrenceFusel oil production is a natural part of fermentation, thus present in all wines, whiskey, rum, bourbon, vodka, beer, cider and other products
Aroma Characteristics@1.0% in ethanol. Sharp, alcoholic, fermented, slightly pungent somewhat ethereal, it has nuances of rum, whiskey and wine


  • SOGT offers a wide variety of Packaging solutions to its customers;

    ISO Tanks 25,000 litres6600 gallons

    HDPE Drums 250 litresonly available per 20ft container

    HDPE Drums 210 litresonly available per 20ft container

    Steel (coated) Drums 200 – 237.5 Litresonly available per 20ft container


    Please note our MOQ is 1X20' ISO tank or 1X20' FCl

  • We have in-house maritime wing, with owned ISO Tank Containers and DV20' and 40' units, and offer a complete one-stop
    maritime solution all under one roof.

    The above gives us the competitive edge which means we are able to offer favourable payment terms along with competitive prices.

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