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Molasses is a natural and nutritious sweetener extracted from sugar cane during the production of refined sugar. With a distinct and rich flavor, molasses can serve as a cost-effective substitute for highly-refined sugar and other nonnutritive syrups. Over a long history, molasses has been used as a health supplement for its natural combination of sweetness, vitamins, and antioxidant properties.


We specialize in providing liquid sugar cane molasses for animal feed with high quality and good price. 

Sales going on at local market prices. Contact us now for best possible quotes. 





    Loading 24.5 -25 MT/ Flexitank bag/ container 20' 
    or loading 220l/ drum - 80 drums/ container 20' = 17.6 MT

  • We have in-house maritime wing, with owned ISO Tank Containers and DV20' and 40' units, and offer a complete one-stop
    maritime solution all under one roof.

    The above gives us the competitive edge which means we are able to offer favourable payment terms along with competitive prices.

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